1. AISD conducted three one-day workshops on Sustainable Development for Hindustan Copper Limited, Kolkata at its three units. It was conducted at Khetri Copper Complex (KCC), Indian Copper Complex, (ICC) and Malanjhkhand Copper Project (MCP) in Feb. 2013. The workshop was conducted for Senior and Middle level Officers from Operational/Mining Units, from departments like Mining, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Medical/Hospital, Finance, R&D and Exploration, CSR, HR, etc. and/or other allied departments, dealing with ‘sustainability’ issues or planning for the Company.
    2. Three training programmes on CSR & Sustainability for the Officers and Manager of HCL were conducted at ICC – Ghatsila, at KCC – Khetri Copper, and at MCP – Malanjkhand

    Issue coverage

    Review of CSR – Concept, Global and national trends, Paradigm shift, Best CSR Practices, CSR implications for Corporates and Society

    CSR Ethics for Corporate Sectors

    CSR Amendments and Need Assessment: Amendments in Section 135 of Company Act 2013, its implication, Strategic intervention through Need Based CSR

    Incorporation of CSR in Corporate Governance: Case study

    Unit wise Assessment of CSR in Corporate Governance 

    CSR Best Practices (Generic CSR Issues): Case study

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