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  • Shashya Shilpa Abhiyan Project

    AISD in collaboration with VAL implemented the Livelihood Reconstruction in order to trim down the poverty through Sustainable Agriculture project in Lanjigarh, Kalahandi district in the year 2006. A total of 914 farmers were involved in this sustainable livelihood project throughout the years of project implementation (2006-09).

    Vedanta Aluminum Ltd (VAL) is committed towards raising the quality of life and ensuring social well being of communities in the peripheral villages of Lanjigarh, the site of Bauxite Mining and Alumina Refinery Plant.

    VAL was working in partnership with Asian Institute for Sustainable Development (AISD), Ranchi, which took up several initiatives with the aim to bring qualitative improvement in the lives of the community residing in the vicinity of the Plant area. With this objective, AISD launched Shashya Shilpa Abhiyan project in June 2006.

    AISD implemented the project in Lanjigarh with the support of VAL. The aim of the project was to enhance livelihood opportunities for the poor farmers through vegetable cultivation, cash crop cultivation, cultivation of medicinal plants, remunerative fruits (Banana, Strawberry, etc.), and promotion of fish farming.

    The project aimed to double the annual household income of poor households through the above-mentioned activities. The project as a withdrawal strategy ended in 31st of May 2009.

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